Core Services

Techmo Engineers being a team of experts, provides all types of power sector solutions under one roof.  It includes major activities like concept to planning, study for selection of proper technology, search of resources required for successful execution of project, commissioning and post commissioning support. Presently company is more emphasizing on Solar Energy because, major part of energy requirements of world is fulfilled by fossil fuels which threaten the environment due to global warming so renewable energy is the best solution and solar energy is above all. The Sun is greatest resource of endless source of energy.

Fields of our Services:

1. EHV Transmission system:

Study of required power Transmission system, designing, selection of route, detailed survey. It includes selection of proper right of way, geo technical investigation, designing and selection of foundations and type of towers.

We deal with

a. Survey for transmission lines.

b. Profiling of transmission lines.

c. Designing of towers.

d. Execution of work.

e. Commissioning activities.

f. Operation and maintenance of transmission system.

2. Installation of Underground EHV Cable:

Our expertise is also in installation of EHV underground cable system including system study & design, selection of proper system equipment’s according to client requirement, selection of vendors, laying, jointing, termination, testing of system and commissioning.

3. EHV Power Evacuation System for Power plants:

installation of power plant in remote areas need large transmission lines to connect with the grid system. Sometimes we get the possibility of pooling substations where other power plants are also coming nearby. Power Evacuation system is need to be planned and designed considering lot of factors with present as well as future planning of energy generation. We are associated in development and planning of power transmission system in Rajasthan since very long.

We deal with

a. Planning of required transmission system.

b. Designing of transmission lines and Sub stations.

c. Selection of equipments.

d. Construction on turnkey basis, on labor work basis.

4. Solar Power Plants:

We have been part of development of Solar Power plants since 2009. Activities associated with execution of Solar Power Plants includes designing of AC/DC power system of solar plant to power evacuation system. We deal with selection of land, power evacuation point, designing AC/DC part of plant, survey to construction of transmission line, construction work related with AC system inside the plant including installation of transformers, invertors, laying of HT cable, termination, installation of HT panels, testing commissioning etc.
We have experienced man power for operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Presently we are looking after Operation & Maintenance of Solar Plants in Rajasthan.

We deal with

a. Proposal of suitable potential land bank for installation of Solar Plants.

b. Preparation of detailed and comprehensive techno- economical project report having complete information with financial viability of the project.

c. Selection of mode of execution of project.

d. Providing team for support in technical discussions and deciding major technological aspects regarding latest solar modules technology with various agencies. Day to day liasoning for getting timely clearances for plant work activities from various departments.

e. Execution of work on contract basis including installation of transformers, invertors, laying of HT cable, termination, installation of HT panels, testing commissioning etc. 

f. We have experienced man power for operation and maintenance of solar power plants, Selection of vendors, local assistance etc.

5. Wind Power Plants:

Wind power is also playing a very major role in renewable energy sector. We are proud to be the part and were associated in providing power evacuation network to wind power plants in western Rajasthan.

We deal with

a. Proposal of potential land bank with suitable locations for installation of Wind mills.

b. Execution of work on contract basis including installation of transformers, laying of HT cable, termination, installation of HT panels, testing commissioning etc. 

6. Rooftop Solar PV Plants:

Roof top solar power plant is a very good concept and getting popular with a very fast rate. It is very much beneficial for a power consumer as well as for power distribution companies. A consumer may reduce his energy bill more than half whereas Distribution Company will get reduction in their power distribution losses, as the power will be fed at the end by solar power generator. The cost of solar power generation is decreased considerably in last five to ten years. As of Dec-2015 cost of installation of Solar Rooftop comes about to Rs. 85/watt (approx.) depending upon the capacity, type of installation and roof area available for installation. We provide services from study to installation, commissioning and post commissioning services.

ECONOMY of solar rooftop power plant installation:

Assuming daily electricity consumption as 10 units (KWh), and Cost of Solar rooftop installation cost is about 85000 Rs per KW. Per day generation 4.5 to 5 KWh per KW with tariff @ Rs. 6.74 gives saving of about Rs. 12300 per year per KW. The cost return time comes out about seven to eight years without considering available tax benefits, subsidies, regular increasing trend of electricity tariff etc.


Reducing carbon emission and contribution towards awareness to go green by reducing use of hydrocarbons for making environment healthier for next generation.

Our Contribution to better life of next generation – Go for green energy